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The home of championship scale models such as our 5.8:1 scale A-10 Warthog. The Mibo A-10 is our flag ship model. It is now in its generation 4 version and has been refined to a level that makes it one of the most accurate jet kits available any where. In addition to our jet kits Mibojets maintains an extensive line of jet accessories and parts that will meet the needs of almost any jet modeler.

We have been busy over the past year. We have our new Saab J-29 Tunnan kit, and will soon release kits for our Tornado, FB-111, A-6 Intruder and an F-35 sports jet. All of these excepting the F-35 are true to scale, and are built using the latest light weight technology approaches. Mibo prides itself on maintaining quality on all its kits starting with engineering through to advanced composite material usage and accurate parts fit. Our manufacturing techniques include the use of advanced CAD systems to manufacture our plugs to an extremely high degree of scale accuracy. We also employ physical 3D printing techniques to prototype scale system parts. We build and fly what we produce so we are quite sensitive to the needs and interests of our customers.

By the way don’t miss having a look at our ¼ scale limited production A-10 kit, which will be shown on the website in the next 2 months. Production is nearly complete. This model has to be seen to be believed.

Thanks for visiting Mibojets, we look forward to meeting your jet needs. Inquiries and questions are always most welcome.

Full molded construction painted in moulds.

Wingspan 1,73 m (68'')
Fuselage length 1,8 m ((70'')
Dry weight 7,6 kg ((267 oz.)
Turbine on test model JetCraft 90

Test pilot Toni Bitenc

Photo courtesy by Janez Holc


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