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Museum Scale RC Models

With over 25 years of experience in large scale jet powered airplane production, we guarantee your model will be built to the highest world-class standards.

Custom Builds

We provide full custom builds for all our models, from basic preinstalled hardware to "turn-key" finished and ready to go airplane. Perfect for time wary pilots. All our finished models are made to "museum-scale"

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Mibo Online Store offers everything a modeler needs. It's the one stop place to source materials, electronics and hardware for your next build. Also browse our models.

Jets by Mibo®

A-10 "Warthog" 1/4 Grande XXXL

The wait is finally over! MiboJets is proud to present the largest production RC A-10 in the world!

SU-22 "Fitter" 1/5

At 1:5 scale, the Mibo Su-22 "Fitter" is extremely light, using modern composites, with planned "all up weight" of 25kg or 55 lbs.

J 29F "Tunnan"

The Saab 29 Tunnan (The Barrel), colloquially also Flygande Tunnan (The Flying Barrel), is a Swedish fighter that was designed and manufactured by Saab in the late 1940s.

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