The A/OA-10 Thunderbolt II is the first US Air Force aircraft designed for close air support to ground forces. Design is simple, effective and survivable twin-engine jet aircraft that can be used against all ground targets, including tanks and other heavy armoured vehicles.

MIBOJETS A-10 "WARTHOG" is now available as a 4th generation kit. In  2007/2008 we added a range of upgrades, improvements in outline and detail, and engineering improvements to our previous kit with the help of our Austrian collegue the very skilled modeler Michael Wurm. With some new building techniques and a complete redesign of the fuselage and engine pods including a unique slide out turbine mount we reached our goal where the model can be built within a 20 kg dry weight which qualifies it for entry into the Jet World Masters.


The prototype was flown  in April 2008 equipped with 2 Jet Cat P 70 and dry weight 21 kg. After some modifications on landing gear, fuel cells, and the changing of all onboard batteries to Li-Po the model was re-equipped with a pair of  Booster G 90 engines resulting in 19,4 kg dry weight (with all pylons but no ordnance) with plenty power for scale flying performance.

The best result of scale craftsmanship on a development version of our Gen. 4 kit was at TOP GUN 2008 for the team of Mike Selby & Ray Johns with:
  • Highest Static
  • Best Military
  • Best Jet
  • Best Cockpit Interior
  • Critics Choice
  • Team Scale 2nd
  • Best Jet Performance


Mibojets A-10 basic specifications

Scale: 1: 5,8
Wingspan: 3,00 m (118 inches)
Fuselage length 2,75 m (108 inches)
Wing area 133,9 dm2 (2100 square inches)
Kit weight 19.8 kg and up depending on engine, equipment and construction
Turbines: 2 x 70N - 120N
RC functions: Rudder, elevator, ailerons, throttle, flaps, landing gear, brakes, extra


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